Bringing Business Solutions to the World

Since 2013, Opus International LLC has grown to become one of the fastest leading business solution partners for both small and Fortune 500 companies. It is our utmost responsibility to provide for our partners with the highest level of satisfaction in our rendered services. 


Opus International LLC strives to become the leader in the business consultation industry. It is our ultimate desire to improve the efficiency and workflow of our business partners. Our vision revolves on our never ending journey to facilitate and improve the needs of businesses in order to facilitate their work productivity. 


The strong commitment and relationship with our partners has allowed Opus International to gain the trust and confidence of our partners. The constant innovation and growth of our products and services has resulted in the empowerment of the business industry as a whole. Our leadership exalts from our simplicity and discipline resulting in achievable outcomes. Furthermore, the passion within our team members is what drives our company's vision. 

OUR principles

Opus International LLC principles include:

1. Client Relationship - At Opus International we believe that a strong commitment to our clients has led our company to be one of the most distinguished business advisers in the world. Our client and product base extends over 35 countries.

2. Product Branding - Every product has its own unique features. We strive for product re-branding to ensure that the message and usage of the product/service is clearly voiced to the end consumer. Most of our products are manufactured and produced in Asia, North America, and Europe. 

3. Business Standards - We strive to be the industry leader in every product category we represent. The foundation of our organization revolves around teamwork, client service, excellence, integrity, creativity and philanthropy. The majority of our partners are ISO certified and reputable experience.  

4. International Trading - Opus International prides itself on supplying high quality commodities throughout the world to continue that historic trend. Our talent includes native speakers in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Korean, German, making us a valuable asset no matter where the bulk of your trade is. 

Opus International has surpassed all expectations as business partners. They have become an invaluable asset to our company as a whole.
— Walther Janssen, President of Janssen Cosmetics
Efficient and reliable services provided by Opus International. Will go the extra mile to make sure results are produced on time.
— Robert Macdonald, Sales Manager of BlueAir